Sunday, 10 November 2013

In Dublin's Fair City... How I miss it now

Right now I'm missing Ireland quite a bit, and all the people I met there. I never really wanted to leave at the time, but Europe called. I travelled around for a good couple months - as you've seen on my (not so recent whoops) posts. This was an amazing experience but also pretty exhausting so that by the time it came to go home I was glad. Nice to sleep in your own bed and not have to uproot yourself and drag all your possessions around every few days. So at first I was just happy to be home, but now I've really been missing exchange...It was quite an experience, so maybe a little hard to just come back and re-adjust. Don't get me wrong I love living in Australia and Melbourne is a great city (in many ways it actually has more to offer than Dublin), but I still miss it so I'm going to post some pictures of Ireland.

Trim Castle, Country Meath (aka Braveheart omg)


Taking pictures featuring Dublin you do

Poulnabrone dolmen, the Burren, County Clare
Just some tomb that casually dates between 4200 and 2900 BC.


Made it to the races! - there was a student race day



  1. im itching to travel! especially after seeing these photos. what a gorgeous place!

  2. Ireland is so beautiful, especially on your photos. That's it - first you feel strange and can't get use to a new place, but after leaving it it's like a part of you is taken away.
    Do I have to mention you have a beaitiful Irish-like features?

    1. Until I open my mouth and people hear my australian accent!

  3. I love Ireland! I want to see more of it, I only ever go to Donegal where my grandparents live but I'd love to go to Dublin xxx

  4. Lovely photos, with a sense of wistfulness about them. I feel the tug of my rural home too, even while reveling in the joys of cities and of being elsewhere.

  5. You look stunning dear! Oh, how these pictures make my heart sing. A place to visit for sure, I have not been there but I can only imagine about it's richness in history and beauty. xx

  6. I had a lovely time when I went to Dublin, quite a few years ago but I remember it well. Great snaps, so when you going back?

    Buckets & Spades


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