Friday, 23 August 2013

Ich bin ein Berliner

Above: The Jewish Museum, amazing, amazing architecture!

Like seemingly everyone else who ever goes there, I LOVED Berlin. Great for taking photos and exploring the streets - both of which I did a lot of! Berlin was a big moment within my European adventure, because I went there all by myself. That was a bit of a big deal for me, I was a little scared, but I actually had a brilliant time, and am so glad I did it.

 As you may have noticed I am currently attempting to fix up the layout, not sure why I couldn't figure out how to adjust the scale/size of the pictures and things earlier...laziness? quick to get frustrated with things? Hard to say, but in any case, hopefully my blog won't look quite so shitty now! But it's a work in progress okay? Next up I should probably try and so something about the sidebar and a decent header...

Schloss Charlottenberg

Making friends

Making even tinier friends

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Berlin Wall

Church bombed in the war


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I've heard so many good thigns about Berlin, I can't wait to visit at the end of the year.

  2. Excellent post and great photos, I feel like I'm living out my times missed in trying to go to Berlin. We tried last year but decided we didn't have enough money so we went to Brighton instead, perfectly expectable!

    The Jew Museum seems like a very chilling, real place. I'm of Jewish descent so I would love to go there. Ace beetle shot!

  3. Perhaps it's because our road trip to Calgary is just three weeks away, but I can't get enough of beautiful, richly image filled travel posts like this right now. What an awesome look at Berlin - I would truly love to go there someday myself, too (I'd love to see anywhere in Germany, actually, especially because I have so much German ancestry and feel a pull towards that country because of it).

    Thank you very much for the wonderfully nice travel wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Beautiful photos :) It looks like you're having a great time!
    Jenna x

  5. I'm so very jealous of you right now! Definitely on my list. Oh my, look how you captures the beauty of the city, the architecture especially. So happy to hear you had a wonderful time and thank you for these amazing photos :)


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