Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All roads lead to Rome

Rome was epic, and also excessively busy and hot - but I expected these things. Seeing those ancient monuments where so much history has unfolded with your own eyes is pretty darn cool. It probably wasn't my favourite place, but that might partly be my feeling because of individual circumstance! Firstly the place we were staying was not that great but also my friend who I was meeting up with there's bag got lost on the way between there and London! Quite stressful (especially for her) but it all worked out in the end of course. Though it did take a while - she didn't get it till we were in Venice actually! Venice was where we met immediately after Rome (I know,  I already posted Venice snaps so clearly am not posting in chronological order at all, but what can you do! ps Berlin is before them both anyway!)

For me a highlight of Rome was all the fab baroque churches, there were really some great ones and by no means did I see them all. My architectural enthusiasm is probably starting to show through in these recent posts, and in my chosen subject matters...I am currently doing an architecture subject as an elective actually!

One memorable feature of Rome was the Cappuchin Crypt, in fact that is a place I don't think I will ever forget. Now I was not aloud to take photos in there - but I'm a rebel (especially where organised religion is concerned, which I regard with great suspicion I'm afraid to say, though each to their own at the end of the day) so I snuck a few photos anyway for your viewing displeasure. It is probably the most macabre creation I have or ever will see, I think I'm a bit morbid in my curiosities but aren't we all?

Cappuchin Crypt

Best door ever, somewhere lost in Rome...

 Left: San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Right: St Peter's Basillica

Outside of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini, one of my favourite churches in existence, best of Baroque right there!

Ruins etc. Just stuff that Rome casually has, you know

Had a bit of wet weather

Lion in the Vatican!


  1. Absolutely stunning pictures, so much character

  2. omg so gorgeous. loving all the architecture.

  3. all those famous places in Italy looks so original on your photos. and you look like a necessary part of the landscape, so natural and stylish!

    Linn from all-is-pretentious.blogspot.com

  4. Your adventures are giving me serious wanderlust! Rome looks so beautiful, I'd love to go and see all the old buildings (plus I've been watching Rome and am a bit obsessed haha!) xxx


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